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up the logic punks! #2

after a great response to the first issue, i sat down & wrote twenty-five brand-new logic puzzles about zines, punks, & anarchists, & put together "up the logic punks!" #2. for the uninitiated, this link should give you an idea of what the heck a logic puzzle is. the puzzles i wrote for the zine are of the grid variety.

the zine features an introduction for new puzzle enthusiasts, explaining how to solve a puzzle & offering some useful hints & tricks, complete with a sample puzzle & detailed explanation of the solution. there is also an answer key for all the puzzles, so you can check & see if you were right. puzzle topics include punks shoplifting from the liquor store, zine designs that bear a suspicious resemblence to one another, dietary restrictions wreaking havoc on a collective house dinner schedule, 24-hour zine parties, the habits of obnoxious jerks at protest marches, people charging way too much to wholesale their zines, & more! there is even a five-part mystery puzzle (solve the first four puzzles in order to have the necessary information to solve the final puzzle!).

this zine is $2 anywhere in the world. you can paypal me at or mail your order to me at:
12 lincoln ave. #3
somerville ma 02145 usa

send $3 & i'll also include a copy of "up the logic punks!" #1! you'll have enough logic puzzles to last for the next few years.

e-mail if you would rather do trade. i might be into that. also get in touch for distro rates & all that good stuff.

i also run learning to leave a paper trail zine distro. you can order this zine from the distro along with all the other awesome stuff i carry (over 130 zines to choose from!). & i will be tabling the distro at the boston zine fair this weekend, if you want to come by & pick up a copy in person!
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