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paper trail distro news february 2009

learning to leave a paper trail distro

january was a bit of a slow month in terms of zines being added to the catalogue, but the one new zine that did come in is especially awesome: "fire hazard" #2, from providence RI, self-described as being all about "punk rock, anarchy, food, kombucha, gardens, rage <3 <3 <3 <3, friends, mental health, healing, books, bikes, trees, crushes, avocados, pizza, accordions, tea..."

& there are some great new zines on their way to my doorstep for february, but in the meantime, i put my button maker to work & made some nifty 1" pins so you can tell the whole world about the awesome creative stuff you do in your spare time! choose from "i sew" (with a drawing of a sewing machine), "i silkscreen" (with an inky squeegee on a screen), "i write" (a notebook & a pen), or "i bake" (sugar, eggs, butter, measuring cups & spoons). each pin is hand-colored, so they are all unique & different. fifty cents each!

there are also two new interviews in my long-running (three years & more at this point!) zinester interview series. visit to see what chris kiss from "kiss off" zine & nicole georges from "invincible summer" zine have to say about the creative process, the role of distros, the scourge of the internet, & more.

as always, i am accepting zines for distro consideration. you can mail them to me at:
12 lincoln ave. #3
somerville ma 02145
or comment/e-mail to recommend a zine you think i might enjoy. it is definitely worthwhile to scan through the distro catalogue a bit to get a sense of what kinds of zines i tend to carry, & give my submissions guidelines a thorough reading before breaking out the stamps. a quick reminder: i am very unlikely to accept poetry zines, music zines, lit zines, comics, or low-budget magazines (or high-budget magazines, obviously), & i have to see hard copies. i won't make a judgment about something based on a website or PDF. but there is a lot of stuff i love & want to carry, so don't be discouraged!

& as always, i offer distro subscriptions for big-time zine readers, & placing orders can get you a free zines, & i offer flat-rate collections made up of various awesome zines in the catalogue. there's a lot to investigate, so once again: learning to leave a paper trail distro awaits your perusal!

xo, ciara
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