Erica L. Satifka (themachinestops) wrote in paperzines,
Erica L. Satifka

Sale at Black Light Diner distro!

I'm trying to downsize Black Light Diner distro in preparation for a move to a smaller apartment, so I am having a sale! For every four zines or other items ordered, get an additional zine (priced at $3.00 or less) free! Just put the name of the zine you want in the comments section of the checkout form. Don't worry about shipping. Sale runs until the end of March or until I remember to take this down.

I also noticed that Canadian readers were sometimes overpaying for postage, so there is now a cheaper Canada/Mexico shipping tier. Yay for finally figuring out Paypal shopping carts three years into running the distro. :)

Thanks for reading,
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