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paper trail distro news september 2008

this summer has been an amazing time for zines! i've added so many new items to the catalogue in the last month or two! most recently, we've got:
* "we all have bones"--kelsey's beautifully designed zine about being a former aspiring ballerina & struggling with anorexia
* "glossolalia" #11--sarah's stunning letterpressed farewell to portland, oregon
* "skinned heart" #1--nyky's blisteringly old-school personal zine about racism, sexism, mental health, sexual abuse, & punk rock
* "mute as bottles"--lou's thoughtful zine about the importance of direct action protest, her partner's arrest, & government repression
* "doris" #26--the R/S/T installment of cindy's encyclopedia, about social ecology, being a shy punk girl, & faith in humanity
* "keep loving keep fighting" #8--hope's occasionally heartwrenching farewell love letter to new orleans

more thorough descriptions & cover scans can be found on the website: & more new items are on their way!

& forgive me for a moment for a brief into on paper trail zine distro, for those who may be uninitiated: paper trail zine distro has been existence for almost five years now & offers a catalogue of nearly 200 zines themed around issues such as feminism, anti-racism, mental health, reproductive health, parenting, bicycles, sex work, recipes, d.i.y. crafts, anarchism, punk rock, education, alternative histories, & more. zines run the gamut from deeply personal handwritten/typewritten stories to limited edition hand-crafted art zines to well-researched & informative d.i.y./how-to zines, & everything in between. okay, on with the news...

last call for fall 2008 subscriptions!
this is the last reminder: subscription payments must be received no later than september 30 if you want to get your subscription started in october. payments received on or after october 1 will be accepted for subscriptions beginning in january 2009.

if you don't yet know, subscriptions (which cost $50 in the u.s. & $60 everywhere else) are good for four packages staggered to arrive throughout the next year. each package will contain a selection of new znes from the distro catalogue (six zines each time), a crafty surprise (in the past, i have made 1" button sets, silkscreened zippered pouches, posters, mix tapes, small blank books, t-shirts, notecards with hand-decorated envelopes, etc), & a seasonal newsletter with zine write-ups, interviews, news, etc. the cost of a subscription includes all postage. more details (including info on how to get a free half-subscriptions) may be found here.

just one more reminder that i moved last month. the new address is all over the distro site, but...
12 lincoln ave. #3
somerville ma 02145

i'm also always accepting zines for distro consideration, so feel free to send yours in! submission guidelines are located here.

boston zine fair
the boston zine fair is happening this year on saturday, september 20 & sunday,september 21, 10am-6pm, at the art institute of boston (601 newbury st. in downtown boston, near kenmore square T stop). see for all the details.

i will be there tabling the distro with TWO tables--my first foray into such expanded zine fair real estate. i will also have some one-of-a-kind silkscreened distro shirts (& maybe other items?) for sale, & i may bring my buttonmaker along for on-the-spot button pressing. & hopefully i will also have a new edition of "up the logic punks!" & a new "love letters to monsters" zine!

i'll also be pitching in with two workshops. on saturday afternoon, i'll be leading a workshop on zine distros: starting one, running one, getting your zine carried by one, whatever it is that you want to know. on sunday afternoon, i will be sitting on a panel addressing "the future of zines".
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