Mrs. Jolie Nunez-Noggle (mrsnoggle) wrote in paperzines,
Mrs. Jolie Nunez-Noggle

2 new zines

Mrs Noggle 15
The "nostalgia and riot grrrl scrapbook" issue

another zine about Riot Grrrl! in this issue i continue to reminisce about my "riot grrrl days"! i dug up old RG flyers to print in this zine and write about discovering & REdiscovering riot grrrl and how it changed my life when i was 17 and how it continues to affect me and my life!!!!

Mrs Noggle 16
The Halloween & Paranormal issue!
storie,comics,poems, & drawings about ghosts & paranormal experiences! a compilation zine made up mostly of contributions & writings by other people.

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