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a new endeavor or two. (crossposted a little.)

hello, zine-friends. i am here today to mention this new zine thing i've got going on ... it's called recinerated.

recinerated #1

issue #1 (subtitled "written in reverse") is 48 black & white photocopied quarter legal-sized pages - or it will be, as soon as it's actually copied. i'm currently taking preorders, see.

recinerated #1 comes out as a fairly text-heavy perzine on navigating the obstacle course called growing up, existential crises aplenty, work-related misanthropy, and assorted other mundane fits of bellyaching. probably not my best work ever, but i'm a little rusty after a four-year absence from zinedom.

an excerpt: “the way i figure it, sartre got it wrong - hell isn’t necessarily other people. hell is working in a mall and dealing with other people.”

$3 stateside or $4-5 (sliding scale) to the rest of the world, postage paid. a trade is fine too.

all preorders will also receive a FREE copy of letters from the bottom of the world, a oneshot mini i made but never printed over the summer.

letters from the bottom of the world

this is my actual first zine in about four years, a short collection of epistles scribbled out one day during the summer while i should’ve been working instead. i regret nothing.

an excerpt: "i miss when we used to talk, make plans about someday living together, discuss music and film and the little things in our lives that really matter. i miss having a best friend. i miss having a constant. i miss you.

but i don’t miss you enough to keep holding my breath and waiting for you to notice i’m here."

letters ... stands at 24 eighth legal black & white photocopied pages. one copy ships free with an order of recinerated #1, but if you'd rather have a copy all on its own, that'll only set you back a mere dollar, postage paid, shipping anywhere in the world.

distro consideration copies of both titles are also available on request.

ordering info is as follows:

paypal to inheritdark at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash can be mailed to Rae//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

and if anyone wants to trade zine fliers, that'd be cool too.
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